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Cargo & Project Handling

Cargo Handling

Fast but careful physical handling of goods is the key point in the quality service we provide,


Mass Logistics Ghana Limited is able to adjust its operations to match with airports and seaport Operation briefing sheets, standard-level agreements, and all other specific enquirer.


Mass Logistics Ghana Limited merges cautious handling techniques with advanced processing methods to ensure integrity in physical cargo handling.


We provide customized packaging solutions while carefully factoring in cargo nature, value, and sensitivity to ensure the safety of the cargo until it arrives at the destination.
If you want to assure the safety of your cargo to your client there are well tailored solutions for free hand handling and consolidation with our total insurance cover on goods in transit.


Mass Logistics Ghana Limited provides safe and efficient packaging services. We secure your cargo per-transportation in the safest way possible to avoid accidents or damage to the goods.


Project Handing

Project cargo requires specialized Experience, Commitment, and flexibility to execute complex cargo movement.
Mass Logistics Ghana Limited provides the skills and strength that guarantee the safe and timely delivery of project cargo.
We handle special projects where time and cost are our Priorities.
No Project is too big or too small for us to handle.
When it comes to managing complex transportation of Oversized & heavy-lift project cargo, experienced, Intelligent, and knowledgeable personnel who are committed to researching all options,
Mass Logistics Ghana Limited is your trusted logistics partner.

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