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We provide complete supply chain management solutions tailored to fit your needs. From planning and analysis to quality control.

Decades of deliverance in Freight and Logistics solutions are the foundation for the development of Supply Chain Management vertical in Mass Logistics Ghana Ltd. With the evolving needs of our global clients, we have been able to build our capability and expertise in delivering tailor-made 3PL solutions of global standards to diverse industries ranging from FMCG, Retail to Heavy Industries. 

Supply chain management objectives:


taking it step by step

  • Business Analysis

    We examine your business to understand how it works so we could make a detailed supply chain management design.

  • Detailed Planning

    We design facilities, means of transport, best transport routes and then optimize it.

  • Implementation

    Implementation of designed custom supply chain, including intelligent software for managing it.

  • Quality control and monitoring

    With intelligent software solutions you can know your supplies and demand status and what is happening in all chain of transportation.


We understand that global supply chain management is vital for the success and progress of most multinational companies. To cater to the global needs of our clients we have developed and implemented an integrated assemblage of services to enable the deliverance of smooth, seamless services in 3PL, 4PL, and warehousing distribution.

Over the years we have partnered our clients in various countries, but majorly Africa been able to optimize their efficiency and achieve the agreed performance benchmarks. For this we have developed a forte for the right approach, execution, investment, IT & WMS and most importantly qualified Human Resource.

Providing first class logistics services worldwide.

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