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Who we are


Mass Logistics Ghana Limited is one of the proactive, innovative and regionally full service logistics Companies that provides comprehensive, cost effective and safe freight forwarding and logistics services to support organizations in their diverse and ever-changing shipping needs.
The company was registered in March, 2005 in Accra to provide shipping and logistics services with its head office in Takoradi, the oil city of Ghana. It has expanded with four (4) geographical offices in Tema, Accra, Takoradi and Abidjan to serve the West African region better with a dedicated focused service on timely deliverability and exceptional customer care.
We have registered with the world’s reliable Freight and Logistics Networks such as International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), World Cargo Alliance (WCA), World Freight Network (WFN) and other associations that will enable Mass Logistics Ghana to stay well connected with the Global Shipping and Freight industry and have presence in almost all the air & sea ports in every corner of the world.
We provides the tools necessary to achieve maximum satisfaction for all your freight forwarding, shipping and logistics needs with our prompt responses to emails and telephone calls to stay right in touch with our customers.


Mass Logistics Ghana Limited offers an attractive service package to its cherished customers in the following areas;

  • Handling, Clearing and Forwarding of goods from port entry points Ghana to delivery to their destination in and outside the country.
  • Haulage/Trucking of goods from any location in Ghana to delivery points. Lifting services (crane operation) at the port or any agreed site.
  • Consultancy services in shipping and freight forwarding activity to our clients.
  • Consolidation and Deconsolidation services.
  • NVOCC Services.
  • Warehousing and storage Services.
  • Vessel & Port Agency Services.
  • Ship Chandelling Services.
  • Cargo tracking and delivery services.
  • International door- to - door movement
These activities have been designed to ensure that the strategic objectives of the company are carried out successful.


Fast Worldwide Delivery Service

Safe, fast and exact delivery of the quality demanded, that’s what it’s all about. From anywhere in the world, you can count on us! We are available any time, day or night. You can plan delivery schedules with confidence, knowing that you can rely on the fastest possible service. When greater speed is required, we always have the solution!

End-to-end Logistics Solutions Available

Mass Logistics Ghana ensures the comprehensive completion of work and is typically managed within a specified timeframe. Internal procedures at the company often lay out a process for end-to-end management using the most efficient and timely approach to complete our clients work.

Safety and Compliance Service

Mass Logistics Ghana does not cut corners when it comes to safety, compliance and investment in operations. We strive to minimize the exposure and liability we all face when an accident does happen. We are driven by the value and respect we have for our people and our desire to ensure safe and on-time delivery of our client’s properties.


Our Clients






Mass Logistics is highly committed to provide, as far as is reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees and contractors.  It recognizes that this commitment can be affected by those who consume alcohol or intoxicating drugs before, during or off the job which may affect their health, performance, conduct and safety, as well as the safety of others whilst in the workplace.
  • The Company shall comply with Ghanaian legislation by ensuring that the possession and consumption of alcohol and/or intoxicating drugs whilst on or reporting for duty on site/office is not allowed. Any employee who goes contrary to this shall be subjected to disciplinary action.
  • The Company shall reserve the right to request an employee or contractor employee to produce breath, blood and/or urine samples. In the event of work related road traffic incident, occupational incident, or employee exhibiting signs of being under the influence of intoxicating substance, a trained /certified and appointed security, safety or medical person shall perform an appropriate alcohol and/or illicit drug test.
  • The Alcohol and Controlled Drug Policy shall be communicated to employees, as well  as contractors  through inductions, toolbox  meetings,  and notice boards. All workers are expected to familiarize themselves with it. Anyone taking prescribed or over-the-counter   medication that is likely to affect the performance of his or her job should inform his or her supervisor on reporting to duty and before actually commencing work.
  • It shall be a mandatory requirement for all employees, as well as contractors involved in incidents in the categories listed below to be breathalysed or examined for the presence of intoxicating substance. In the case of an injury in which the injured person(s) may not be in the position to be breathalysed or tested, the medical doctor will determine the most suitable means of conducting the test.
The incidents that require alcohol testing shall include but not limited to:

All vehicular accidents

All mobile equipment accidents

Fall from height

Aggressive behaviour

Incidents involving operation of fixed equipment

Incidents involving hand tools (manual or electrical)

The alcohol limit set by MLG is 0.00% BAL (Blood Alcohol Limit) due to the rate of high risk activities associated with oil and gas, mining operations, construction industry, etc. Any person found to have alcohol breath test greater than 0.00% or a positive test for any intoxicating substance will be referred to the Human Resource Department for commencement of a disciplinary process after Management decision on the case.



The board of directors of MASS LOGISTICS GHANA LIMITED aims at optimum compliance with the requirements of its customers, employees and the environment. Within this aim we continuously create quality and quantitative standards for constant measurement of this policy.
The safety, health and well-being of our employees and employees of third parties, and the care of the environment and our commitment to quality are fundamental in all our activities.
Employees at every level are aware of their own contribution to quality, safety, health and environment.
On a permanent basis, we set objectives, measure results, and analyze and improve our processes and systems.
Our half yearly updated education plan ensures that our skills with respect to QHSE remain up to date. Our operational and supervisory staff are very compliant with the following commitment:
  • Protection of the health and safety of our people at all times and in all circumstances.
  • Elimination of Accidents and unproductive incidents
  • Readiness to respond to any QHSE emergency.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement of our QHSE performance through the definition of operational standards, training assessments and audits.
  • Striving to minimize our impact on the environment through pollution and control of emissions and the efficient use of the natural resourced.
  • Free communication with the interested parties about this QHSE policy, its programs and performance.
The commitments with this Policy are in addition to our basic obligation to comply with the universal standards of quality, Health, Safety and Environmental issues as well as all applicable laws and regulations at jurisdictions where we operate as it is critical to the success of our business by risk and to add value to our services.