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Mr. Paul Kobina Mensah wins Ghana’s Most Respected CEO 2022


Mr. Paul Kobina Mensah


Paul Kobina Mensah more popularly known simply as Paul K Mensah, is the CEO of Mass Logistics Ghana Limited and Ghana’s Most Respected CEO for 2022 in the Logistics Sector.

This is a victory for Ghana’s freight forwarders as a whole; Mensah is the 2nd Vice President of the Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders and clearly is highly respected by all the industry operators.

Mass Logistics Ghana Limited (MLG) is an indigenous logistics and freight forwarding company established in Ghana in 2005, to offer shipping and logistics services to organizations operating in the Shipping/Logistics industry. Propelled by Paul Kobina Mensah’s extraordinary skills and experience, the company has excelled in this.

Underpinning this has been his excellent education, every aspect of which prepared him for his professional career directly. This shows that Paul K Mensah is not the product of some mid-career change of heart; rather he identified his passion right from the start and pursued it in a structured, focused manner right from his tertiary schooling.

This specialist education began after completing secondary school and then teacher training college in 1998.

In October 1999 he obtained a Diploma in Shipping & Export Practices & Management from the Institute of Commercial Management in the United Kingdom.

He followed this up with an International Certificate in Logistics & Transport in 2011 from CILT, also in the UK, and a FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding from the GIFF Academy, Tema, obtained in 2015.

Then Mr. Mensah stepped up even further. First, he obtained a in Ports & Shipping Administration from the Regional Maritime University, Accra in 2019.  Then he earned an in Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain Management from the University of Salford, Manchester in the UK in 2021.

There leaves nothing for Mr. Mensah to learn in a classroom with regard to shipping logistics and very little to learn on the job after all those years of practical experience during which he established himself as the go-to person for solving the most knotty problems in shipping logistics.

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